Toronto Man Builds Lego Figures of the City’s Police Officers, Paramedics and TTC Staff

Whether you’re a seasoned Lego collector, or your niece and nephew have a mild obsession with it, you should know that Toronto-inspired Lego people are now a thing.

And yes, that sounds more amazing than this helmet inspired by Lego hair does.

As CBC reports, for over a year, Daniel Ng has taken to social media to showcase his part-Lego, part-homemade figures of staple Toronto fixtures, like police officers, paramedics, TTC fare inspectors, security guards and Ontario Provincial Police officers.

He decided to build the mini-figures both for fun, and for an overarching objective to reduce ‘tension’ between communities.

He witnesses such tension firsthand on the regular in his job as a TTC streetcar operator. “Every day, I see so many things while driving a streetcar,” Ng told the CBC. “That motivates me and gives me different insights into what I’m going to put in the Lego scene.”

He creates the figures with Lego parts purchased online that he paints as needed, and then prints and glues on patches.

At a time when Torontonians seem to have more local pride than ever before, the mini-figures have been a total hit. We wouldn’t be surprised if they start springing up on the shelves of local shops in the city before too long.

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