Cambridge University is Looking for a Professor of Lego…Yes, Really

If your current gig just isn’t doing it for you and you’ve had a thing for Lego since you were a kid, you may have just found your dream job.

The University of Cambridge is on the hunt for a Lego professor.

The UK University has accepted a £1.5 million ($2.3 million USD) from the Lego Foundation to launch a new research center – and they’re looking for a Lego-loving professor to lead it.

With a focus on “play in education, development, and learning,” the centre will be a new addition to Cambridge’s School of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The professor’s role will be financed by an additional £2.5 million ($3.9 million) from the Lego Foundation.


Of course, a skill for Lego art and modeling is just part of it – the individual should obviously have a passion for early childhood education.

The collaboration between the Lego Foundation and Cambridge is nothing new – the two have been working together for the past decade on research related to child’s play.

The foundation is financed by the Lego Group (the manufacturer of the toys we all know and love) and has a focus on philanthropy and research related to childhood education and play.

I don’t know about you, but a major in Lego sounds a lot more interesting than what I studied in undergrad.

Though the position has yet to receive a final sign-off from the university, if approved (and it’s expected to be), a Lego Professorship of Play in Education, Development would start the job in October 2015.

Everything is awesome.