Secrets of the Biz – NAV43

In this installment of ‘Secrets of the Biz,’ we sit down with the co-founders of NAV43, Ben Dankiw and Tyler McConville, two of Canada’s leading digital experts.

Nav43 is a digital advertising agency that specializes in SEO, digital advertising and analytics to help their clients launch their companies, rebrand and grow.

Source: Kalen Hayman

In 140 characters or less, tell us about your business.
NAV43 is a technical advertising agency focused on SEO & Paid Media. The specialists mastering complex search algorithms and ad platforms.

What do people not understand about your industry?
When it comes to technical SEO, almost everything. Kidding, but it really can be a long conversation separating what we do from your fluffy SEO 101 guides. Alternatively, getting into the depth of what we can actually do within ad platforms. It’s not difficult to boost a Facebook post, it’s strategically building targeted campaigns leveraging the most relevant ad tech that reaches your target consumer that is where we differentiate. Often times, advertising is blended with marketing and these differentiating factors become clouded.

What do you tell people who are trying to launch a brand or an idea?
Good for them! The entrepreneurial or startup world can be a lot but just taking those first few steps is so important. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and make sure you are leveraging all the possible resources you can get!

Typically the early stages of digital advertising is leveraging several contractors and different 3rd party companies to build “MVP” type campaigns/products. Find an advertising expert you trust in these early stages and consult on a plan before executing.

Who is the most inspiring person you have collaborated with and why?
This one’s a tough one as there are so many amazing people we’ve had the chance to collaborate with as an agency. But we don’t have to look far for the answer, there is a reason why Tyler and Myself work so well together, we inspire each other all the time and really feed off of each other’s strengths.

We’re also so lucky to be a part of the Navigate family with each of the Navigate Group team having so many defining qualities that drives each of us to be better. Hats off Peter Palarchio, Shawn Grainger, Ken Lam, and of course Maher Murshed.

Source: Kalen Hayman

Will the future be run by robots?
Run by? No way…Will they be a huge part of society? Absolutely. Automation/AI will be more and more integrated as tech grows but to eliminate the need for human guidance seems far out of reach at this point.
I mean, unless we create some terminator / ex-machina style robots but here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen in my lifetime.

What is your biggest milestone to date?
As a business that is only as strong as its employees, hiring the 6th full-time person on our team. With six more positions opening up recently I can’t wait to hit 10 and keep growing this team!

Tell us a secret about Tyler. Don’t worry we won’t tell…
Ty had some pretty interesting hobbies growing up including parkour and krav maga. The pictures he has accumulated, paint a scary picture and we’re happy he is still here…

Tell us a secret about Ben. Don’t worry we don’t tell….
While I seriously doubt that 😀 Take your pick:
1. I’ve broken 8 bones and had 3 surgeries to repair bones and fix dislocations
2. I’m in love with fantasy – whether Forgotten Realms, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Comics, StarCraft etc.… the list goes on. Just movies and books though, not a gamer anymore.