A Viral Hashtag is Finally Putting an End to the Mythical Concept of ‘One Size Fits All’

Any female knows that there is no such thing as “one size fits all.”

In fact, my waist can vary up to three different sizes depending on the brand of denim.

Most women have had those moments of changeroom anxiety when we try on something that is supposed to be our size, only to realize that we can barely fit into it (as we pray not to rip the thing). Clearly, not all clothing sizes are created equal.

What fits as a small in one brand could easily be a large in another.

Now, women are starting to raise awareness about it as part of the ever-growing body positivity movement – and, naturally, taking to social media to do so.

During London Fashion Week, the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) launched an initiative encouraging women to share their clothing size, accompanied with the hashtag #NoSizeFitsAll.


It marks an attempt to challenge the fashion industry’s approach to body image.

According to WEP, one in five women in the UK cut the label out of their clothes. Of those who do, 70 per cent say they do so out of “shame and embarrassment at their size.” The movement encourages women to reverse this and share their sizes with pride.

“The #NoSizeFitsAll campaign seeks to overturn the presentation and idolization of uniform body types by the fashion industry. Let’s start by overturning the trend of label shame,” read a message posted on WEP’s Instagram page.

To kick off London Fashion Week, females on Twitter and Instagram shared their dress sizes as part of the campaign to reveal how drastically sizes can vary.


Since the hashtag started, social media has been filled with women sharing photos of their clothing labels in an attempt to show the insane variation in sizes.

And women around the world, regardless of size, are breathing a collective sigh of relief (at least, I am).

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