13 Reasons Summer in Toronto is the Greatest

It’s summer in the city, and the living is easy. Being in Toronto when it’s warm offers limitless ways to spend your time and enjoy the heat before it says goodbye again.

Here are 13 reasons why we love being in Toronto when the days are long and the humidity is sweltering.


1. Days Spent at the Island
If you ask any Torontonian what their Toronto summer staple is (or what they would recommend a traveller check out while here in the warmer months), it’s the Island. It allows you to escape the city for cottage living without actually leaving.

2. All the Free Music
Toronto never suffers from a shortage of free events, but this summer, because of the Pan Am Games and Panamania, we are especially spoiled with great bands to check out for free around the city.

3. Patio Life
There is no shortage of patios to drink on from May through September, and in Toronto, patios are a part of our summer DNA. This is how we enjoy the months that allow us to be outside without freezing.

4. Beach Days
Lazy days spent baking in the sun with a few drinks at the beaches is what summer was created for, right?

5. Canada’s Wonderland
If there’s one summer tradition we all had growing up, it was a season pass to Canada’s Wonderland. We may not spend as much time there these days, but it isn’t summer with at least one trip to Vaughan to face your roller-coaster fears.

6. Day Drinking
Or, well, using any excuse you can to get your drink on.

7. Outdoor Movies
Toronto is a movie crazy city – and spending an evening outside watching some of the best films for free among friends is a tradition that won’t end anytime soon.

8. Attending Shakespeare in High Park
If you’re a fan of the Bard’s work, this summer staple in High Park is probably a yearly a tradition for you – as it should be. High Park is always a great way to spend the day in the sun, but add a great PWYC play to the mix and it’s the perfect summer day.

9. Summerlicious Eats
For most of July you get to eat the best food at the best prices.

10. Blue Jays Games
Even if you couldn’t care less about sports, it’s very likely you’ve attended at least one baseball game with your friends this summer. It’s just one of those things we do here.

11. SummerWorks Performances
If you didn’t get enough of our booming theatre scene during Fringe, SummerWorks returns for its 25th year to bring all the performance you can handle.

12. Ending it at the CNE
The most beloved tradition of Toronto summer is spending those final August days at The Ex, eating your way through the crazy things they serve up while hoping to keep it down once you hit the spinning rides.

13. Taking in the Celebs and Movies During TIFF
While it always feels like fall once September hits and the students return, summer officially ends on September 22nd – meaning TIFF is just as much a Toronto summer staple as everything else.