17 Toronto Patios to Look Forward to This Summer


It’s above zero finally and at least one person in the city is wearing shorts right now.

At this stage in the game, any patio is a patio worth getting excited about. At least that’s what our psychiatrist told us the last time we cried into our mittens.

But to get the summer countdown started, here’s a list of Toronto patios on which we’re particularly excited to get some sun, eats, and if we play our cards right, get cut off… 

The Forth Rooftop (Opening This Year!)
As if this Danforth gem wasn’t big enough, this summer they are opening up a 3,500sq. ft. rooftop patio that seats 60-70 and has an unobstructed view of the downtown skyline. Apparently they will be designing a special patio menu focused on sharable food and drinks – think, punchbowls… 

El Catrin
Winning awards for its food in 2014 and its first date charm in 2013, this Distillery spot is rarely without a lineup. But if you’re looking for a kick-ass patio on a caliente summer day, this one is worth the wait. Especially if you’re in the market for some guac and margaritas. Speaking of margaritas… 

Reposado Tequila Bar
One of the best hidden patios in the city for a relaxed, intimate setting, serving some of the best margaritas you’ll ever have. Get there at the right time with a group of 5 or 6 and you pretty much own the thing. It’s especially handy if you’re on a nearby waiting list…

Bellwoods Brewery
If you like patios, lively crowds, and bottles of craft beer that cost more than your jeans, this is the spot for you. A close-to-perfect Sunday Funday is hitting the Dakota Tavern for Bluegrass Brunch and then walking down to this patio for the 2pm open. 

Rock Lobster
Voted by you as the best seafood restaurant in Toronto, they’ve also got some of the best patios at both their Queen West location and their more recent Leslieville location, with three patios at the eastern location alone. Lobster-claw Caesars? Yes please. 

Much like Rock Lobster, all three of Terroni’s Toronto locations sport unique but excellent patios, especially the rooftop at their Rosedale location and the back patio at their Adelaide location. If you can refrain from requesting any menu alterations, you should have a fine time.

Speakeasy 21
Voted by you as the best new bar of 2014, this will be the first full summer for their 3-tier 3,500sq. ft. patio, which includes cabana seating and a dedicated bar for the outside action. Expect this financial core favourite to see a lot of action come 15 degrees.

Cadillac Lounge
Just ignore the super-cool interior and walk right on through to their even cooler backyard patio. Tons of seating, covered and uncovered areas, great tunes, and a pool table. If there’s one reason to go west of Dufferin, it’s this. 

Thompson Hotel Rooftop
Slick, comfortable, and always full of energy and amazing cocktails. Arguably the best rooftop patio in the city. 

Gusto 101
Whether it’s the front of the rooftop, between the food, the sun, and the house sangria, this is one of the best overall patio experiences in the city. It’s also the only patio in Toronto that makes us want to get a kale salad as much as a cocktail. 

The Pilot
Throw on those aviators and make your way to the Flight Deck. This place may be over 70 years old, but its patio is as healthy as ever. Just be careful going down the metal staircase when the manager asks you to deplane; we’ve seen a few crash landings in our day. 

The Ballroom
Remember Montana at John and Richmond?!?! Ya, the correct answer is “barely”, and we mean that in a good way. While the brand may have changed, the new venue kept the awesome 2nd floor patio equipped with bar, TVs, and plenty of sunlight.

George Restaurant
Fancy? Yes. Incredibly romantic and beautiful? Definitely. If you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor foodie night of romance – and you’re not afraid to pay for it – make your way to Queen East and enjoy the calm seclusion of one of country’s best restaurant patios. 

Right at the kick-off point of the King West strip, this split patio is never dull. Whether you’re looking to sit down for a meal or stand up for a drink, this patio is always solid stop.

Electric Mud BBQ
Summer. Barbeque. Cold Beer. Period.

Bairrada Churrasqueira (College Street West)
An utterly massive patio with over 50 authentic Portuguese dishes, multiple TVs, and $17 pitchers of Heineken. You cannot go wrong here. 

The Drake Sky Yard
You knew it was coming. It’s impossible not to get excited about this rooftop gem each and every year. Consistently one of the best patio scenes in the city, not to mention the option of stumbling downstairs for the great indoor scene, or basement musical performance. But once you get upstairs, why ever leave?


Electric Mud image by Craig Moy.

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