‘Work Tattoos’ Are Now a Thing for People Who Really, Really Love Their Jobs

This takes the concept of being married to your job to new heights.

A growing number of people are taking their commitments to their jobs to the next level with work tattoos.

The tattoos either feature their company’s logo or another image that reflects the time spent (or hours clocked) at the company.

As Refinery 29 reports, work tattoos are growing in popularity as loyal workers opt to get one with coworkers or on their own to show their love for their workplace.


“I’m turning 30 soon; I know I want to get a tattoo, and I’m absolutely thinking of getting a logo of my company,” Leanne Weekes, a publicist at Silent Revolution in Miami, told Refinery 29. “It would be a private reminder of all of the times I could have or should have given up. To remember always the community of people who took a chance on a humble graduate with big dreams.”


We’re all for tattoos and our jobs, but the whole concept seems a bit strange in our ever uncertain economy.

The last thing you’d want is a permanent reminder of the company that laid you off or the business you started that went under five years in (not to be a Debbie Downer).

Anyway, if you’re thinking about commemorating five years spent at your company with some fresh new ink, Refinery 29 reports that people who have already done so say the key is to make sure you’re 100 per cent happy with the design and that it transcends your time working for the company.


If you want to test drive your tattoo before taking the plunge on the real deal, you can do so here.

And you may also want to wait until after your upcoming review…

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