This New App Will Let You Test Out a Tattoo On Your Body Before You Get It

Did you get a tattoo in Thailand that you thought said “Serenity” only to discover once you got home that it actually translates as “Stupid Backpacker?”

Us neither.

Or maybe you thought getting inked on your lower back would look top shelf only to discover that your (non-refundable) tat would affectionately be referred to as a tramp stamp post 2002.

Luckily, before you make another mistake (or before you make your first), there’s a new way to test your permanent body art before you take the plunge. It’s called inkHunter and you can download the app from the iTunes store now.

The app allows you to try out one of their tattoo sketch options on your body. Alternatively, you can upload an image of your own that you’ve been thinking of having inked onto your chest, foot, head, or anywhere else you prefer.

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Photo: Ink Hunter

Simply mark where you’d like the tattoo to appear with the pen, then press the camera button to take a snap and choose the animal, inspirational pearl of wisdom, Mel C style tribal band, or whatever design you’ve got your heart set on. The tattoo will appear “in real time with augmented reality” so that you can get a sneak preview of how you might look with it.

As well as giving you a chance to trial a potential inking on different parts of your body, it has the added bonus of acting as a cheeky prank to play on your friends or grandparents – you know, the ones who think you’re perfect just the way you are, sans mustache tattoo on the inside of your index finger.

So quick, do it now before everyone else finds out about the app.