You Can Now Rent Skating Time on the Amazing Rooftop Rink in Downtown Toronto

For all of the Canadians who were teased with photos and posts of the mysterious Molson Canadian rooftop rink in downtown Toronto last week, your prayers have been answered and public access will soon be available.

The beer company built the rink for its #AnythingForHockey contest, which launched in October 2015.

Hockey fans were asked to submit their personal hockey stories on social media for the chance to win the grand prize: a trip to Toronto to play on the outdoor hockey rink for an upcoming Molson Canadian commercial.

The contest winners had their epic game of shinny last week and the commercial is set to air during the upcoming Stanley Cup playoffs.

But for the hockey fans who have been dying to find out how they can get their chance to lace up and skate on the 100-by-45-foot rink, 32 stories above the bustling financial district, public access will soon be available.

Molson Canadian will open its rooftop rink to the public from Jan 29th through Feb 7th and anybody interested has to reserve ice time in one-hour blocks for up to 20 people, NHL.COM reports. All you need to do is fill out an online form and further instructions will be sent to you. The beer company is also keeping the #AnythingForHockey contest alive and is holding a random draw for winners to be invited to skate on the rink at a certain time. Not only will skaters get to take in the breathtaking views of the city’s skyline, but they will have the chance to skate on the most epic urban rink of all time. Last year, Molson and the NHL built a professionally made rink in a remote area of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia to serve as the centrepiece and grand prize location for the #AnythingForHockey campaign.

Hockey is a point of pride for Canadians and these rinks are symbols for how Canadians will do whatever it takes (skate on a mountaintop, or build a rink on top of a tower) to play the game we love.

With all the hype for the rooftop rink, it’s hard to imagine how Molson is planning on topping it next year.