An Amazing Rooftop Hockey Rink Just Appeared in Downtown Toronto

Well, it sure beats going to the gym on your lunch break.

For hockey lovers, as New Year’s resolutions go, getting to play on an elevated rink in downtown Toronto has got to be pretty high up there.

And unless our eyes deceive us, someone has made this dream a reality by building a rooftop hockey rink somewhere in downtown Toronto.

The picture, posted on Instagram, shows the empty rink standing several stories high, surrounded by a number of other skyscrapers. And it’s a thing of beauty.

Rooftop hockey rink in downtown Toronto #hockey #toronto

A photo posted by @triptime1965 on

Back in 2014 we thought we’d seen ‘Hockey Heaven’ when Molson took lucky winner Vitaly and his father, the former coach of Estonia, to skate on a remote rink (after helicoptering them in from Calgary, obviously).

But Instagram users have hinted that Molson is up to their old tricks, with another #AnythingForHockey campaign that is asking hockey lovers to tell them what they do for the sport. See the convincing video at the bottom of the post.

Or maybe it’s our favourite Mountie, who took the most Canadian photograph of himself playing hockey on a glacier in full uniform, returning to take another high altitude snap.

Whatever it is, we give it a week before 6-God Drake has scaled the building to install a Hotline Bling booth. ‘Cause he may not be the country’s biggest hockey fan, but if Toronto’s involved we know he’ll find a way to something to put his name on it