Watch Stephen Colbert Explain How Americans Can Flee to Canada

“It’s been an upsetting campaign, hasn’t it?” remarks Stephen Colbert during a recent segment of his Late Show.

He’s talking, of course, about the U.S. election, a spectacle so abhorrent it may actually evolve Americans’ civic duty to threaten to move to Canada every four years into real, tangible action.

Hey, we’re ready for ya.

Colbert decided to help out his fellow compatriots by diving a little deeper into Canada’s immigration policy than what a few top-level Google searches would reveal.

With help from a Toronto-based Canadian immigration lawyer, Stephen Colbert participated in a citizenship test to give Americans an idea of what it takes to be legally Canadian.

As expected, his answers are quite hilarious.

While the U.S. political system is in disarray, Colbert relishes in the opportunity to live in a country whose members of parliament are chosen based on a lumberjack competition to serve a government with The NHL, Tim Hortons, and Alan Thicke among its three branches.

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