This Toronto ‘Hood is Airbnb’s Sixth Most Popular in the World

Not all neighbourhoods are loved equally on the ever-popular accommodation sharing platform Airbnb.

The company recently crunched some data to determine the top neighbourhoods around the world – and one of the top spots goes to an up-and-coming Toronto ‘hood.

Taking the number six spot is Rockcliffe-Smythe – the city’s trendy area just north of the Junction.

Once home to a meatpacking plant, the neighbourhood now houses some of Toronto’s trendiest homes, restaurants, and artisan shops.


The data is based on travel patterns of more than 140 million total guest arrivals at 3 million homes on Airbnb.

The research shows that the trending neighbourhoods share a few consistent themes – all of which can be found in Rockcliffe-Smyth.

When it comes to Airbnb preferences, people want three things: urban, but not dense; green spaces; and abundant food options.

Here are the top ‘hoods of 2016 on Airbnb:

  1. Milneburg in New Orleans, Louisiana – 1500% growth
  2. Kampung Bayu in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 976% growth
  3. Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia – 770% growth
  4. Konohana-ku in Osaka, Japan – 609% growth
  5. Chutes-Lavie in Marseille, France – 604% growth
  6. Rockcliffe-Smythe in Toronto, Canada – 497% growth
  7. Midtown in Miami, Florida – 430% growth
  8. Narvarte in Mexico City, Mexico – 264% growth
  9. West Seattle in Seattle, Washington – 230% growth
  10. Usera in Madrid, Spain – 228% growth
  11. Din Daeng/Huai Khwang in Bangkok, Thailand – 218% growth
  12. Chippendale in Sydney, Australia – 204% growth
  13. Daehangno in Seoul, South Korea – 203% growth
  14. Lyndale in Minneapolis, Minnesota – 193% growth
  15. Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland – 180% growth
  16. Chacarita in Buenos Aires, Argentina – 172% growth
  17. Žižkov in Prague, Czech Republic – 103% growth

This past year, Airbnb introduced their  “Experience” feature in some of the trending neighbourhoods in cities like Miami and Seoul, offering experiences curated by hosts. The feature will roll out to more cities across the world.

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