Airbnb’s Game-Changing New Feature Will Curate Your Entire Trip for You

Airbnb just took their offerings a few major steps further with the introduction of Trips.

The new concept goes beyond accommodations to introduce personal experiences curated by local hosts around the globe.

The new offering will be part of the existing platform but will move Airbnb beyond homes with Experiences and Places, with Flights and Services to be added in the future.

Unless you’re a sucker for the typical overcrowded tourist destinations, the best way to learn about a new city is from its residents, who can offer seasoned insights on local favourites, hidden gems, and what tourist attractions are worth visiting.

airbnb trips

From truffle hunting in Tuscany to marathon running in Kenya and surf lessons in Los Angeles, Airbnb users will now have access to these lesser-known experiencesthat make each city unique.

Currently, there are 500 Experiences now available in 12 cities worldwide. You can find a full list of bookable trips here.

With Insider Guidebooks, Airbnb has sourced cultural experts and neighborhood insiders to recommend the hidden gems within their city. The Airbnb site is now home to one million individual recommendations.

Meet ups will give local businesses the opportunity to host events to bring local Airbnb guests together.

airbnb trips

Audio Walks will offer access to curated walking tours that let people discover neighborhoods in an authentic way.

Finally, Airbnb has introduced the Trip Itinerary, which simplifies the end-to-end travel experience by bringing together everything you need to know into one timeline.

Let’s be honest, all the details can be a total buzzkill, making this feature a welcome one.

Over time, this capability will evolve to suggest personalized and contextual recommendations during a Trip.

airbnb trips

Trips launches with around 500 Experiences in 12 cities worldwide (some of which are on our list of must-visits before 30), including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Detroit, Havana, London, Paris, Florence, Nairobi, Cape Town, Tokyo, and Seoul.

While there are currently no cities with the Trips option in Canada, it will be launching in Toronto and Vancouver in 2017. For now, Canadians can book Trips on Airbnb in the cities that currently have the new program.

So, now you have even more incentive to book that New Year’s Eve getaway.

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