This is the World’s Most Luxurious Commercial Jet and it Costs $64,000 a Flight

There’s a new airline that’s so luxurious that you won’t want to get off the plane once you arrive.

Enter Crystal: an aircraft that lives up to its shiny name.

The US-based travel company of the same name is known for its ocean cruises but will start flying its privately owned Boeing 777-200LR in fall of next year.

And for all the pretty pennies you have, you could be a passenger on what’s being called the most luxurious commercial aircraft of its time.


Offering ample leg room (unlike this situation on regular old commercial flights), the interior of the plane is fitted with just 84 leather seats that recline into a lie-flat bed. Each is complete with a flat screen TV and Bose noise-cancelling headphones.

Naturally, complimentary WiFi is a given.

The layout was given careful consideration (unlike this design), and features a sensible 2-2-2 layout instead of private cabins, assuming most people will be travelling as couples.

The airline also offers the option of 21 or 28-day itineraries, where excursions are themed to the tastes of the uber elite. For example, one flies passengers to Michelin-starred restaurants around the world.

But you can also get a Michelin-inspired dining experience en route.


In a sleek dining room, hungry flyers will be waited on by a crew of 12 butlers, a lead butler, and an executive chef. The back of the restaurant features a bar that’s fully stocked with over 300 fine wines to please the palates of nervous or restless flyers, who can sip their chardonnay in the restaurant’s lounge area.


In case of a health emergency, passengers won’t have to wonder whether there is a medical professional on board; the aircraft will have it’s own in-house doctor.

Other impressive features include spacious bathrooms, which feature only the finest Italian products, naturally.

The bad news? All this luxury does not come cheap. A ticket on the aircraft will set you back $63,814.82 CAD.

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