In-Flight Entertainment: New Airplane Seat Design Forces You to Stare at Fellow Passengers

Airplanes could soon take on a different look when it comes to seating – and it could get awkward.

One of the world’s largest airline seat makers, Zodiac Seats France, has applied for a patent to reconfigure the seats on airplanes. The idea is that every other passenger in a row is facing toward the back of the plane.

Meaning, in a row of three fliers, both the window and the aisle seat will face toward the front of the plane, and the middle one will face toward the back. So, basically, you’re being forced to stare at the person right in front of you…because that’s not awkward at all.

The seats will also flip up the way they do in movie theatres when the passengers stand.

Called “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon,” this seat design can increase the number of passengers who can fit into a typical Boeing 767 by up to 80 fliers, depending on the existing layout.

And it sounds like a horrible idea to us, regarding the whole sensibility of the packed sardine routine.

The good news is that this is just a patent now, and would have to undergo a series of regulatory tests before Zodiac Seats France could start offering the seat configuration to airlines.

Let’s just hope that never actually happens.