This is How You Throw a Celeb-Worthy New Year’s Eve Party

So you’ve been delegated to be the person to have a New Year’s Eve party – perhaps it was even your idea (fueled by a few spiked eggnogs at your friend’s Christmas party.)

Now what?

There’s enough pressure to have a good time on New Year’s Eve (and admittedly, it’s not for everyone), let alone when you’re the one who’s supposed to throw the party that could make or break everyone’s evening. Yikes.

We asked Monica Gomez, president and founder of The Concierge Club – an influential staffing and event planning company – for a few tips on how to get it right this New Year’s Eve.

After all, Gomez knows a thing or two – she and her team have been the force behind some of Toronto’s most prestigious, celeb-filled parties.

First and foremost, Gomez says that creating the ultimate “wow” experience involves both knowing your audience going beyond the expected.

When it comes to entertainment, Gomez suggests going beyond a traditional DJ to set the mood for your party. “This can work to engage audiences with a one-of-a-kind musical experience,” says Gomez, who is a big fan of the electric violin. “An electric violinist can provide a modern twist on classic music or strike a chord interpreting today’s top pop hits.”

If you have the budget, Gomez says that tapping into unconventional entertainment like fire performers, magicians, stilt walkers and aerial performers will leave a lasting impact.


“It’s not just about having one great performance, but creating moments throughout,” recommends Gomez. “No matter where you are at the event, there is something exciting going on to keep people energized and having fun.”

If you’re going to throw a New Year’s Eve party, you need to make sure you have food to soak up all of the booze. Your offerings, however, can be as simple as a dessert table, which is always a crowd pleaser.

Today’s seasoned partygoers love being able to satisfy their sweet tooth by indulging in a variety of decadent desserts, rather than the traditional cake.

“Candy tables have also been really popular lately, especially when they’re also accompanied by culinary desserts or pastries,” indicates Gomez. “It’s fun and a great way to satisfy your inner child. And it makes for a beautiful photo op as well.”


The right floral arrangements can add the perfect touch to an occasion and amplify a NYE event, advises Gomez. A great first step, guaranteed to make a memorable impression, is reimagining standard floral arrangements and exploring new options.

“Stepping away from the traditional flowers is important,” she says.

To create distinguishing details, Gomez recommends a flower wall as a backdrop for photos (which you can even make on your own, should you be so ambitious) or adding to the space with simple and colourful arrangements.


Social Media Considerations
Remember; if you want your event to live on through social media channels, it has to be aesthetically pleasing and photo-ready.

“The goal is to incorporate eye-catching elements – whether it’s the entertainment, food or décor – that will draw people in,” says Gomez.

In the age of social media, hosts have a better opportunity to leverage photos and social media to put their best foot forward and leave their guests – and their friends, family, and followers – with a lasting impression.


Keep in mind…
Before you go getting more anxiety thinking that the whole production is going to break the bank, keep in mind that the best thing about these trends is that they’re scalable.

Whether you’re planning a celebrity-style occasion or something more intimate, you can leverage these ideas and create something that is unique for the setting, and within your budget.

“It’s all about being creative with what you have to work with,” says Gomez.

Even if you do have to drop a few precious dollars, remember that you’re saving the cost of a pricey New Year’s Eve gala ticket, not to mention the potential of a sky-high Uber bill.