11 Reasons New Year’s Eve is Just THE WORST

Not feeling New Year’s Eve this year?

That’s okay; it’s probably just because the last ALL OF THEM were terrible.

Seriously, when’s the last time the 31st ever lived up to the hype? The answer is never. So before you go feeling bad that you hate it, here are 11 reasons it’s ok to be so over it.

‘Cause when it comes to New Year’s Eve, on a scale of 1 to 10 – we can’t even. 

1. It’s a Lot of Pressure
Like birthdays, there’s a ton of pressure riding on New Year’s Eve by very merit of its date. And it’s not only pressure to have a good time, but the best time you’ve had all year. That means an obligation to go far beyond your typical night out – whether you dine at a restaurant that’s usually out of your price range, or hop on a flight for an epic celeb-filled party in Miami.

2. Expectations Don’t Always Match Reality
Because of the pressure to have such an epic night, you’re risking possible disappointment when expectations don’t match reality. The crowd could suck so bad you’d rather be home with a book, someone could spill a drink all over you, or you could very well ring in the New Year in a cab if your timing’s off.

3. Your Outfit Matters
Speaking of pressure, New Year’s Eve inevitably calls for you to put a little more effort into your outfit than you would a typical night out. Not only are parties a little fancier, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be no shortage of snapping cell phones and subsequent Instagram posts. Bottom line: you can’t wear the same thing you did for that Christmas dinner selfie.

4. Transportation is Always a Bitch
Speaking of your outfit – it only matters if you can actually make it to the party. One of the most annoying elements of NYE is the whole transportation issue. Cabs are no where to be found, limos are booked solid by now, and public transport – complete with all the drunken people – leaves even less to be desired than on a regular night. And if you thought getting there was a problem, if you haven’t already made pre-existing plans, getting home in the bitter cold with swollen, stiletto-clad feet isn’t going to make your night any better.  

5. It’s Amateur Night
Like Halloween, one of the biggest turnoffs about New Year’s Eve is that the amateurs come out to play. You know the type: while we’re sure they’re nice people, they’re only out of their cocoon because it’s New Year’s Eve. Which means you’re suddenly stuck at a party with someone who can’t handle their liquor, are ill educated on the concept of personal space, and for whom the label socially awkward could be considered an upgrade.

6. It’s Expensive
From expensive price-fix menus at pretty much every restaurant in your city (if you can get a table) to hefty cover charges for clubs, and even heftier bottle service fees, NYE is damn expensive. Oh, did we mention the cost of your outfit? And after going all out in the gift-giving department this holiday season, the hit to the wallet isn’t the best way to kick of a new fiscal year.

7. It Can Be Lonely for Singles
On the positive side, the New Year offers new possibilities for singles. But, on the other, NYE itself can really blow if you have nobody to share it with. While it’s pretty much guaranteed that your attached friends will be with their SO (likely somewhere fabulous), a midnight kiss is not guaranteed, and you’ll most likely start the year in bed alone (again) or regretting waking up with the person beside you.

8. Starting the New Year With an Epic Hangover Isn’t Consistent with Your Resolution
By this age, most of our New Year’s resolutions involve bettering ourselves. Waking up with an epic hangover that makes you want to rewind and begin the year again is not exactly a step in the right direction.

9. We’ve Already Indulged Enough During Holiday Season
Aside from your New Year’s resolutions to be healthier and more responsible, after a month of back-to-back holiday parties and two massively indulgent holiday feasts, the last thing your mind and body really need is another “big night.” You were kind over it by Boxing Day. Or at least you should have been.

10. You Can’t Go Home Early
Unless you have kids and a fourteen-year-old babysitter, there’s pretty much no point in putting all the effort into New Year’s Eve if you don’t stay until midnight. Not that your friends would let you leave anyway. And if you opt for the old “Irish goodbye,” they won’t be as understanding as when you pulled it a few weeks back.

11. Your FOMO is On Overdrive
As much as you want to stay home on the couch, whether you admit it or not, part of your overworking brain would spend the whole evening wondering what you were missing out on. And if you dare check social media – where everyone indeed seems to be having “the best night of their lives” – you’ll only wish you could Insta something that at least looked as fun. 


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