This is How Brooke Burke Manages to Look So Good at 44

I’ve had a serious woman crush on Brooke Burke (or Brooke Burke-Charvet, as she’s now known) since her days on Wild On!

It’s kind of hard not to. The stunning actress, model, and TV personality represents #goals in more ways than one.


Burke, a 44-year-old mother of four (no joke), has maintained her smoking-hot bikini body for years.

What’s her secret (besides some ridiculously good genetics; just look at her mini-me daughter, Neriah)? Burke credits her body to the Mediterranean diet and regular, intense workouts that include yoga, cardio exercise, Pilates and strength training, according to Celebrity Health Fitness.

Brooke, who has released a line of fitness videos over the years, has said she’s learned how to exercise smarter, as opposed to longer as she’s gotten older. These days, her workouts never last longer than an hour, but she looks the way that she does thanks to increasing the intensity.

Brooke Burke, in shape, celebrities, looking good, how to look good

Photo: Celebrity Health Fitness

“I’m totally working out harder than ever before, but I’m doing it in a smarter, quicker way,” she told Celebrity Health Fitness. “I don’t have more than an hour to spend anywhere, anytime.”

She keeps her workouts interesting and effective by mixing them up between spinning sessions, lifting light weights, doing calisthenics, and practicing yoga and pilates. She attributes her tiny waist and significant, seemingly effortless post-baby weight loss (each of the four times) to waist training – a growing trend in Hollywood that involves wearing a tight fitting nylon corset for long periods of time. Burke believes in the technique so much that she has her own of belly wraps called Baboosh.

“Baboosh works as a compression garment. It helps the swelling of the uterus go back down to its original size and it supports all that baggy baby skin. It is a great, great way to get back in shape,” says Burke.

Burke called exercise her “anti-depressant,” but, not surprisingly, also attributed looking and feeling her best to eating well. Eating well for Burke includes the Mediterranean diet. “We try to eat a Mediterranean diet: lots of greens, lots of fish, lots of vegetables,” Brooke said. The diet is based on the eating habits of the Italian, Greek and Spanish cultures. It emphasizes healthy fats like avocados and olive oil, lean proteins, beans, nuts, and seed. Burke’s latest endeavours include an online cooking series called Breaking Bread.

Brooke Burke, in shape, celebrities, looking good, how to look good

Photo: Celebrity Health Fitness

According to Michael Ozner, author of The Complete Mediterranean Diet, adopting the way of living promotes natural weight loss and slows aging. It has also been shown to enhance longevity and prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

When it comes to aging goals, you may also want to take a few pointers from pro-surfer, and ridiculously fit 52-year-old (seriously) babe Laird Hamilton.

Now, excuse me as I go back to creeping Brooke’s Instgram account for a little #fitspo (for further inspiration, you may want to also check out The Rock’s profile).