This is Everything Inside the $70K Swag Bag Cannes is Giving its Celebrity Guests

It’s just not fair.

Actors and actresses are not only renowned for the big fat paychecks they receive for their movies – they’re also given things just for being beautiful and famous.


As we told you earlier in the year, Oscar nominees who failed to pick up a coveted statuette still went home with a swag bag worth a mind-boggling $200,000.

And as it turns out, Cannes Film Festival is hardly any different. GBK Productions reportedly handed out gift bags worth approximately $70,000 to select celebrities in attendance.


The company will be handing out swag bags full of luxurious trips, goodies and um, advice about wills and estate planning – you know, just in case the celebrities actually die before they get around to using all the stuff in their haul.

Excessive? Yes.

At $70,000 a bag, you’d have to be living in La La Land (oh, wait) to think that this is a normal type of party favour to receive, even after a swanky affair like the Cannes Film Festival.

But at least there are couple of items that aren’t all about blinging it up and anti-aging (don’t worry though, there’s still plenty of that too).

There’s a free solar power system installation for the lucky recipients so they can save our dying planet. And there’s a donation to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence…

Yep, that’s about it. The rest is basically fancy speakers, jewellery and vacations in the Caribbean. Note to self: have foolproof game plan for celeb hunting come TIFF season.

Here’s what the already-over-privileged (Jealous? Moi?) movie stars can expect to find in their gift bags:

– A four-night stay at Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa in St. Lucia, $1,475

Swag Bag, 70K, Notable, Cannes, Celebrities,
– Antiaging products from Life Cell, $100
– A three-night stay at Belmond La Samanna in St Martin, $8,000

Swag Bag, 70K, Notable, Cannes, Celebrities,
– Jewellery from David Bass, $100
– Jewellery from Bullets for Peace, $200
– Watch from Gevril, $2,500

Swag Bag, 70K, Notable, Cannes, Celebrities,
– Makeup from Grand Naturals, $60
– LuMee IPhone Case, $50
– Treatments at Ooh La La beauty bar, $175
– Philip B Shampoo, $150
– Handbag from JLEW Bags, $100

Swag Bag, 70K, Notable, Cannes, Celebrities,
– The Soundwall “art piece” streaming high-fidelity audio, $10,000
– Free Solar City Installation with savings worth $40,000

Swag Bag, 70K, Notable, Cannes, Celebrities,
– Zumer Sport Backpack, $100
– Sennheiser Momentum Headphones, $350
– Donation to Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
– Spyder Iphone Case, $100
– $50 Golfsmith gift card
– Heritage Financial Services review, $2,500
– Mission Meetings with David Meltzer, $2,500
– $100 Volcom gift