These Are the Most Popular Food Trends Among Millennials

If there is one thing Toronto millennials love more than anything, it’s a good food trend.

From sushi burritos to over-the-top ice cream cones, if it’s something weird and instagrammable, we will get our hands on it. Even if it means waiting in a long-ass line.

Unsurprisingly, our neighbours South of the Border are just as obsessed with food as we are. A study from Ypulse, a youth marketing research firm, recently surveyed how young Americans approach food. They surveyed 1,000 people and separated their data by region, age, gender, race, academic status, and parental status.

Among millennials, sweet and spicy foods, quinoa, and meals served in bowls were among the most popular trends.


At the bottom of the list? High-end food delivery, meal kit subscriptions, and specialty bitters.

There were also noticeable differences between genders. Women were all about healthy trends, like spiralized vegetables, while the men surveyed were more into beer-related trends, like craft beer, beer bars, and beer pairings.

Ypulse trends editor MaryLeigh Bliss believes photo-based platforms like Instagram and Pinterest (which are primarily used by women) have a role to play in the popularity of “aesthetically pleasing dishes,” aka those fancy salads and smoothie bowls you see everywhere.

Considering the current poke craze sweeping Toronto, I feel this study, while American, is pretty in line with the food culture here in Hogtown. Now all someone needs to do is start a specialty quinoa bowl/craft beer spot and they will clean up.

Knowing this city, it’s probably already in the works.