The One Thing Millennials Want Most In a Workplace? Peace and Quiet

Free chocolate bars and catered lunches don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got a bit of peace and quiet in which to enjoy them at the office.

At least those are the findings from a recent survey that asked 1,200 workers about the most important factors for fostering a healthy working environment.

Advisory firm Oxford Economics found that the most highly ranked factor was “The ability to focus and work without interruptions,” which 29 per cent of respondents placed over all other considerations.

This was even truer of millennials – the 300 people in that demographic put the importance of peace and quiet even higher. Of those asked, 50 per cent chose this as the number one most coveted feature of office life.

Millennials found the noise in the office so distracting that they were more likely than other groups to seek out ways to drown out the constant babble – by leaving their desks or listening to music.

Meanwhile, surprisingly few among the 1,200 people surveyed found amenities like free food significant to the health and happiness of the workplace. To be precise, 0 per cent of respondents listed this option.

At the end of the day, while unlimited goldfish crackers may be a nice perk at the office, no one wants to have to stay late to finish their work because their co-workers were cranking the foosball table full volume.

P.S. the nap room is an office amenity we’d rather not have to utilize.