The Lucky Few Podcast: Behind The Scenes of Notable with Julian Brass

Aaron Parker is the founder and host of The Lucky Few Podcast, a show about young professionals and success.

A few weeks ago, Parker shared with Notable Life his top 5 technical tips for starting a podcast and this week, he talked to Notable founder, Julian Brass, about professional leadership, being mindful at work and what’s next for YogaCEO.


Aaron talks to Julian about dreams and living your #NotableLife on your own terms, and having inner strength to realize your dreams to fruition, even if others attempt to knock you off your path.

Julian shares how he found motivation to become an entrepreneur in his natural inclination to bring people together, and how he had his finger on the pulse of Millennials before most marketers did. Personal growth, professional growth and community needed and home on the Internet, and Julian made Notable to meet that need.

What you’ll gain from this episode is an intimate understanding of how an “accidental” entrepreneur followed his intuition to bring Millennials together online and inspire action in their professional and personal lives with the 5 key pillars of a Notable Life.

Listen to episode #20 of The Lucky Few Podcast featuring Notable Life founder Julian Brass here.

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