Stressed Out? Here Are 3 Relaxing Soundscapes for When You Need to Unwind

As a university graduate and young career professional, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that a low-stress life just isn’t an option right now.

If you always feel like you’re on-call in some capacity, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Many millennials find themselves juggling at least two or three demanding components of their lives, whether it’s school, work, volunteering, or some other responsibility.

Unfortunately, a relaxing spa day or a week off isn’t always exactly in the cards for us. But luckily, there are a few cost and time-friendly workarounds. Soundscapes are a great option – there are certain sounds that are scientifically proven to help people de-stress and sleep better.

These three options are my go-to relaxing soundscapes, so grab your noise-cancelling headphones and give them a try.

relaxing soundscapes

Back to nature
Let’s start off with the ever-popular nature sounds. This is a no-brainer – listening to rushing waves or wind whistling through the trees is a great way to get back in touch with the elements. Of course, you could always actually go outside and experience the real thing, but if you’re not willing to give up your homebody status, Noisli is a great platform for creating your own personalized slice of the outdoors.

relaxing soundscapes

Cat purring
If you are ever experiencing crippling bouts of stress or anxiety, hold a purring cat in your arms. The sound is like an auditory sedative – and it’s really interesting how it has such positive effects on humans as well as the cat themselves. However, the challenge is finding a cat that is willing to tolerate you outside of their own terms. For the feline rejects and the unfortunately allergic, this Cat Purr Generator is a decent substitute.

relaxing soundscapes

White noise
No, I’m not talking about the latest Nickelback soundtrack. This is a great option for people who prefer general quiet but deal with loud neighbours or roommates. Simply Noise allows users to play white noise (a noise which combines every frequency of sound) to mask the other sounds around them. There are even options to utilize pink or brown noise as well, so find a “colour” of sound that works for you!

For people on the go, having even a few hours of sanity can be the refreshing boost you need to succeed in this crazy juggling act we call life. So be sure to take advantage of every spare moment to find your centre and get some well-deserved rest… you’ve earned it.