My Psychic Reading Experience

10 minutes before my Skype session was scheduled to begin, a Facebook message popped up from my Dad. “Hey, Lou. Do me a favour and don’t talk about me during this thing you’re about to do”, it read.

That’s odd, I thought. My Dad knew that I was about to have a reading from a local Psychic, but I wasn’t sure what made him think I would be talking about him. I replied back, “Don’t worry, Dad” and closed out the messenger window.

A few moments later, a Skype invitation popped up from “C”. “Hey Lauren, are you ready to begin?” I quickly typed back “Yes!”, curious to see what (new) information the next hour would bring.

C likes to conduct her sessions over Skype or the phone, an element which stood out to me (I had only had one psychic reading prior to this, and it was in person). For all the skeptics out there, there’s something admittedly intriguing about a total stranger making acute observations about your life without the potential aid of in-person body language.

C started off by turning on a bit of music in the background; soft, relaxing sounds and vibrations that ebbed and flowed along with her voice as she arranged her deck of cards and explained her process to me. “So I’m going to hone into your energy first and draw the deck of cards for you, and I’ll give you the information that spirit gives me. I don’t ask for a lot of information or validation unless I need you to confirm that I’m on the right path.” I nodded to indicate I understood, even though I wasn’t on video for her to see me. Her voice and energy, even just over Skype, struck me as warm and inviting. I was open to this, whatever this was.

“So let’s get started.” She closed her eyes and took a breath as she started to pull my cards. “You know, it’s funny because as I was getting ready to do your reading, the first thing that came through is that you’re a Daddy’s girl. I don’t know what your relationship is with your Father, there’s something about Dad energy coming through. That’s the first thing they want to bring up.” I cracked a smile. Not only was she right, but apparently my Dad’s intuition knew that he was going to be a topic of discussion that day. This was also a point we continued to come back to as she commented, “Wow, this Dad thing just keeps coming up over and over again. I don’t know if you guys have some kind of crazy bond, if it’s just really strong, but they just keep showing me those cards.” Weird, right?

Next, C brought up my career change. “Now, there either has been or there will be a major career change. Actually, I feel like you’re at this transition point in your life where there might be multiple job opportunities coming your way. You’re on an upward trajectory and you’ll be taking on a few different contracts over the next while. I do see you going abroad for work soon, but I can see you making Toronto your home base that you come back to, eventually.”

Once again, she was spot-on. This past month, I took another career leap and left the marketing agency I had been working for as a Content Manager over the last year and a half. I was figuratively waist deep in both anxiety and excitement regarding my next moves in the freelance writing and marketing realm whilst also starting work as a kickboxing coach and trainer. I had been putting on a composed and brave face, but there was no denying I had taken a risk, so hearing a total stranger offer up some career-specific insight and predictions was oddly comforting and reaffirming.

As we spoke to my deepest, career-related passions, she picked up that writing has always been a major theme in my life, and will continue to be the driving force of my professional path. “This is likely something you’ve heard many times over, but you have such an ability to break down hard subjects into something easily understood, and write about it eloquently. It will always be writing, for you.”

As we continued our reading, I found myself silently smiling at each revelation. Whether the information was positive or some ‘tough love’ at it’s core, it was undeniably interesting in the way that it so accurately applied to my life.

Then, we moved on to dating. “Usually when I do readings for women your age, the first thing that comes up is love. Will I get married? Is he the one? When will I meet the one? Those kind of questions. But with you, that isn’t the case. You’re lucky because you have the opportunity to meet lots of eligible men. But the funny thing is, in terms of your dating track record, you have this certain duality. On the outside you have this outgoing and overly social persona, but internally you’re actually a bit of an introvert. You are so good at giving the impression of being open, because you’re a natural communicator, but you might not be as open as you actually think. You might be guarding yourself from the opportunity to feel that deeper connection. You will settle down eventually, but I don’t see that happening until much later in your twenties. You are, however, entering into a great learning period in terms of relationships and love.”

Well, sh*t. C was calling me out on a quality that I was likely, on some level, already aware of, but hadn’t consciously acknowledged. On paper, I come across as an open book (I constantly write about my life and experiences, after all) but when it comes to love and dating, am I really as open as I make myself out to be?

A few days after my reading, I re-connected with Angie Aristone, a flow coach and a medium who I had interviewed for an article a few weeks prior. While speaking with Angie that first time, I had felt an instant connection. There was something about her inherent, interpersonal charisma and passionate transparency about her work and the topics we began to discuss in animated fashion, that resonated with me on a deeper level. While Angie doesn’t consider herself a Psychic quite like C, their work struck me as similar at it’s core. Curious to see if there were any overlapping observations on her end, I brought up my recent psychic reading.

Much like C, Angie honed in on my Father (while getting into the specifics about why he kept coming up during these readings) and on this duality that apparently exists within my character. “I definitely get this industrious drive around work and expansion, and creating your own security and confidence. That’s priority #1 for you. But within this ideology, you’re conflicted about what it is you want. You are a deeply emotional human and you love big, which makes you nervous about what will happen if you allow yourself to get there. You still want connection, it’s important to you, but you’re subconsciously worried you can’t have your independence at the same time.”

I couldn’t argue with what she was saying; my identity is closely tied in with my sense of independence and self. As I speak about often in my writing, I feel that time alone (outside of creating a relationship and life with someone else) is incredibly important. I’ve fallen into a habit of prioritizing my career and personal growth/endeavours before most other things. My independence allows me to make smart, calculated observations about what potential relationships are truly a good fit for me, but could also be  on some level  creating an emotional barrier.

Following both readings, I was left with a lot to think about. Whether you’re a believer, a skeptic or somewhere in-between, I think there is something we find inherently fascinating and comforting about someone else clarifying, expanding on or simply confirming conscious or subconscious realities that exist within our lives.

Curious to experience a reading for yourself? Check out C’s website here, or Angie’s work here.