Finding Yourself by Finding Your Flow

On Angie Aristone’s website, there is a sentence that reads “Lovely is a word often spoken after meeting Angie. A session with her feels like talking to your best friend. She has an uncanny way of tapping into the dynamics keeping people from their hearts desires, and seeing pathways to happiness and fulfillment.”

It wasn’t until I spoke with her myself, that I understood just how true a sentiment that was. As I asked her questions, I found myself delving into my own stories and relaying them back to her as if we had met before, pulled into a sudden, inherent desire to connect with her.

Angie is the type of woman who exudes an infectious warmth and a sense of knowing comfort; so much so, that I didn’t have to even be in the same room as her to feel the effect. In fact, Angie doesn’t have to be in the same room as anyone she works with, to do what she does.

Angie is a flow coach, first and foremost, and a Medium. If you haven’t heard of a ‘flow state’ before, this is an effortless state of consciousness where our egos disappear, time dilates and the subtle details of whatever we focus on, past present or future, come into rich focus. Angie uses flow states to access a range of psychic abilities and help people find flow in their own lives to live into their best selves.

How did you become a “Flow Coach”?

I’ve been doing this work for almost 20 years, and it started with psychic experiences after finishing my anthropology degree. Given the nature of that field, I never looked at psychic experiences from a perspective of ‘let’s embrace the angels and the spirits’ — I wasn’t this overtly spiritual person, per say. I think, because of this, I realized that our ability to access a psychic state happens when we are in ‘flow’. This is a state we all have access to, but a lot of us do it spontaneously and have no idea how to use or control it.

What exactly is “Flow State”?

“Flow State” is that moment where you’ve lost track of time and space… where you feel completely present, everything is right in the world. In this state, you are totally engaged in something you love to do at the expense of everything else that normally weighs heavily on your mind (your to-do lists etc.) and you are taken to a very connected place. I teach people to navigate this connection to everything, with purpose.

My husband and I wrote a book explain it, called “Consciously Becomes You” to try and document and ground these experiences in a way that is extremely real world and practical, and applicable to everyone.

Of course, everyone has a slightly different variation of where/how they’re gifted, in that way. It’s not about making a bunch of people psychic, it’s about bringing up these abilities people have while in flow state, and how they can apply it to their every day life and calling.

What does the Flow State feel like?

When you get lost in the flow state your prefrontal cortex shuts off and you lose that tie to your ego. You’re calmer, you’re clearer and you’re connected. I would argue that this is your true self. When we are in a flow state, if you’re wondering ‘who am I’, you will get back in touch with who you actually are. That’s your authentic self. This part of you is connected to the information field and exists outside time and space. This enhances your abilities and contributions, and helps you rebalance your life.

Think about it, a lot of people are so far out of balance with their ability to be in a flow state and they wear that imbalance in terms of their self care. This kind of daily imbalance will empty the cup to the point where you just run out of steam. By getting into flow state, you are able to get back to your own centre and develop a good relationship with who you are, what you love and what you’re here to do. That feeds your soul.

Getting into this state doesn’t need to be complicated, either. Flow states can be either physical or mental; physical helps get you into your body and mental allows you to lose yourself in focus. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting into that meditative rhythm of chopping vegetables. Sometimes, it might be going for a run. Regardless of how you get there, whether it’s as basic as playing soccer or taking a walk, you can get to a place where everything feels right in the world and then you can focus on that to access information.

Okay, so would you say that Flow State is a form of meditation? 

Absolutely. It allows you to be in the space in-between thoughts (and enjoy that space). The objective is to try to protract and cultivate longer spaces.

Albert Einstein actually used to do thought experiments where he would imagine himself as a beam of light. By focusing on what he could learn more about, he would enter a flow state.

What is your day-to-day work like?

My day to day work consists of dealing with people who are awake to the reality that something is up. They are unhappy with how things are, and they need to make a change. This is usually where I have a phone call with them — they don’t necessarily know why they’re calling, or what they are looking for, they just know they’re not okay and that everything feels like a struggle or out of their control. I also frequently communicate with someone who has passed, to bring forward any messages that they are sharing with me. Basically, I go where the flow takes me.

For example, say that someone is calling because they want to know what’s up with their relationship and their job. I’ll get a tour of the dynamics just by speaking with them, and I can tell them how to make it conscious, talk about how dynamics repeat through time and explain how everything tends to link up with repeating themes. For my readings, images come to me like daydreams that aren’t mine. So I look at these images I have in my mind, and I tell my client how I feel about them.

As adults we take moments and project and generalize it into the future, as if “this will happen again”. This is what I mean by repeating themes, but it’s all ego and an illusion.
Through this discussion, I’m able to help them navigate flow state and realize that they are the creator — they don’t need to react to the world they’ve created. If they don’t like it, they need to create a better one. Life should be a hero’s journey, not a victim’s struggle… you always have that choice.

 You need to choose your experiences.

Wait, you do most of your readings over the phone?

It’s funny, the first time I tried to read people in person, a girl I was working with gave me a hard time claiming that I was just reading her body language etc. So by doing my work over the phone, people don’t have an excuse to be skeptical, they know that it’s not a scam. It’s a very real experience.

That’s amazing. So what’s next?

I frequently teach workshops on how to access abilities in flow states. This will be a big part of what my husband and I will do at Camp Summerdaze this upcoming weekend, and I am so excited to be involved with the festival. There’s something really special about it.

My husband and I are also writing a second book called “Far Side of Flow”, which will be about what’s available in these deep, far away places and how we can use it.

Camp Summerdaze is a 3-day sleepover event that will include a healing sanctuary (massage, Reiki, oracle readings, yoga and meditation), arts and crafts workshops, curated food menus, art markets, a tuck shop, camping, live acts and more than 20 DJs and headliners. Guests can come for the day or camp for the full sleepover experience, but camping spots are limited so get yours now!