#PlaneBreakup: Woman Live-Tweets Unbelievable Breakup on Delayed Flight

Remember when this first date took over your Twitter feed?

Well, it seems breakups can be just as hilarious as bad first dates – especially when they happen on a plane… that hasn’t even taken off yet.

Last night, New Yorker Kelly Keegs found herself stuck on a tarmac in Raleigh, NC next to a couple that was seemingly ending their relationship. And since everyone knows sitting in a grounded plane for 90 minutes is basically the fun-quivalent of heading to IKEA on a Sunday, she did the only reasonable thing she could: she tweeted out the loud breakup as it went down (and then up).


The result is a hilarious and disastrous exchange between two weary travellers who may or may not still be making out right now and a hashtag (#planebreakup) that’s been trending on Twitter. If only Charlotte was available for comment we might have someway of knowing..

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