We Found the Perfect Suit Experience for the Modern Groom

It’s all in the details.

And while we told you what every modern groom should have on their wedding day, our former Editor-in-Chief Eric Wainwright personally discovered the two that matter most.

The first is obvious: make sure that when the time comes to say ‘I do’, you’re standing across from your partner. Your true partner – in love, life, and everything that happens in between.

The second most important thing you should have on your wedding day is a suit that fits like it was made just for you. ‘Cause it was made just for you.


Which is why Eric took his five groomsmen (and one groomswoman) to Indochino’s fantastic showroom on King St. East in Toronto.

The made-to-measure specialists offer a selection of high-quality suits that come with a dizzying array of options, putting the perfect emphasis on those aforementioned details.

What size lapel do you want? Considering one vent or two? What about lining? How many pockets would you like? What colour buttons?

If it sounds overwhelming, it is… in the same way kids in candy shops get overwhelmed. There’s simply too much fun to be had all at once.

For instance, when it came time for Eric to decide if he’d like a personal monogram on the inside of his Indigo Twill suit with baby blue lining, he knew exactly what it had to say:


And once the “big day” finally arrived, Eric and his groomsmen looked seriously sharp in suits that looked just as good as they felt.

From cuffs on your trousers to whether or not you want belt loops, at Indochino, you are in charge of more than a dozen different decisions that will help make this the exact suit experience you’ve always wanted.


Don’t believe us? Watch a video of Eric’s Indochino experience to see just how easy it all was:


With showrooms in Toronto (King St E and Yorkdale), Mississauga, Ottawa and Vancouver, it’s never been easier to get you and your groomsmen in an affordable suit that looks as good as it fits. Visit INDOCHINO online or book an appointment at your nearest showroom to go over fabrics, measurements and customizations in person.