Open New Year’s Day in Calgary

The first day of 2012 definitely calls for celebration. Whether you partied the previous night away or kept it low-key to ring in the new year, January 1 will have plenty of options for young professionals to start the year strong.

Many of the city’s diners will be open, serving up their classics to hungry YPs throughout the day. We suggest checking out Diner Deluxe or Blue Star Diner; both are open until 3pm so a late brunch is completely acceptable.

Looking for something a little more festive? Craft Beer Market will be offering a special New Years Day Brunch Buffet. Considering how many beers they have on tap, we think that this buffet is going to have a selection of goodies that is definitely notable. After 3pm, they will be serving up the regular menu, so we suggest to at least make it down for the first official pint of the year if you missed brunch.

We also have some noteworthy suggestions for dinner on January 1. Sky 360 in the Calgary Tower will be open for dinner service at 5pm. If you’ve never been to the top of the tower, we think you should take the opportunity to do so. The panoramic views are the perfect backdrop to reminisce about the year gone by and think about all the great things looking forward; or to simply enjoy a meal with some of your favourite people. 

Looking for something a little more laid back, but never lacking in a good time? Bookers BBQ Grill & Crab Shack is also open for dinner service with all-you-can-eat crab and ribs The food is amazing and, let’s face it, who doesn’t like eating with their hands from time to time?

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the Zoolights are a fun way to spend the evening and take in the great Canadian winter weather. You can wander through the Zoolights as you sip hot chocolate and warm up by a fire pit.

Photo courtesy Sky360.