#OnTinderAtTinder: This is How Users Look When They’re Swiping vs. Their Profile Pics

In the least surprising news of 2016 so far, Tinder users are revealing that their profile photos are, in fact, severely misleading.

They’re coming clean by using the hashtag #OnTinderAtTinder and uploading side-by-side photos of themselves – one taken from their Tinder account and another taken unfiltered while they’re using the app.

The aim is to show that Tinder users very rarely look like the magazine cover models they portray themselves as, which hopefully isn’t a surprise to anyone. Social media is, after all, largely a scam.

“I thought it was refreshing. It’s honest. It pokes fun at the way we don’t show our true selves online, versus in reality,” says Kash Baloch of Toronto.

Such confessions were a big trend last year as Instagram influencers came out in droves to reveal what really goes on behind their meticulously edited posts – everyone from professional photographers to the Australian blogger who was essentially the millennial generation’s Stephen Glass.

Given what we know about how these fabricated lifestyles can cause psychological distress, perhaps laughing at our superficial foolery is a good thing. Since Tinder is even more image-based than Instagram and is wholly set up to invite in-person aesthetic disappointment, surely it introduces a whole new dimension of mental turbulence for a generation that increasingly considers life online and offline to be the same.

Anyway, just keep in mind that the 10 you just matched with probably swiped right while they were hungover on the toilet.