Ontario Taxis are Attacking Uber Canada With a $400 Million Lawsuit

Uber, our generation’s beacon of capitalism, continues the battle over its right to exist.

Ontario’s licensed taxicab mafia owners, drivers, brokers, as well as limousine owners, drivers, and service companies, are attacking the superior transportation provider with a $400 million class action lawsuit.

The plaintiffs allege that sum justifies compensatory damages and will also seek $10 million in punitive damages. Oh, and they also want to stop UberX from continuing to operate in Ontario, obviously.

Their crime? Creating an “enormous marketplace for illegal transportation in Toronto,” according to the law firm representing Ontario taxis.

Uber’s model allegedly violates section 39.1 of the Highway Traffic Act, which says “no person shall arrange or offer to arrange for a passenger to be picked up in a motor vehicle other than a bus for purposes of being transported for compensation.” So no more offering your friends gas money to drive you to Chipotle after the bar.

Last month, hundreds of taxi drivers in Paris violently protested against Uber, forcing the company to suspend its UberPOP service shortly after – which was arguably more effective than anything the global fight against Uber has achieved in court.

Hopefully that’s not the next step in Ontario.