Mike Myers Exposes Ryan Gosling as a Canadian on SNL

It may be ‘live from New York’, but there was something distinctly Canadian about Saturday Night Live this weekend.

For a start, Ryan Gosling, making a welcome return to everyone’s lives, was the host for the evening.

But the Cornwall, Ontario native began the night by pretending to be from NYC. When SNL cast member Cecily Strong pointed out that Ryan is in fact Canadian, Gosling, looking sheepish, confessed, “Not everyone is a big fan of immigrants right now so I’m not sure I want to be shouting it from the rafters.”

Mike Myers, who appears to be topping up his pension with cameos as resident Canadian on TV shows of late, popped up onstage in a Maple Leafs jersey to assure the host that there’s a lot to be proud of.

He reminded Ryan that between Canada’s “hunky new Prime Minister,” Degrassi Junior High and Sir Justin Bieber, there was plenty to be excited about.

The host, in true Canuck fashion, apologized profusely for playing down his roots. But Mike Myers was quick to point out his American pronunciation of the word “Sarry.”

Once that was cleared up, there was nothing left to do but sing.

The pair launched into a Canadian Christmas song that left no stereotype unturned. From Molson to seal clubbing and even Bonhomme, Quebec’s Winter Carnival mascot, the duo performed a festive homage that just goes to show nobody does it better than Canada.