John Oliver Spends 15 Minutes on Canadian Election, Calls Harper a Dickhead

*Please note that sharing of this content in no way reflects Notable’s stance on who should run our awesome country, rather only our stance on humour. We strongly urge all of you to research and vote for the party that you feel best represents your Canada as is your democratic right. 

To Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, Canada is but a mere mass of land above the border that stretches from Who-Gives-a-Sh*t, Alaska to Great… Whatever, Maine.

We still love him, though, so there are always a few warm fuzzies that manifest within our soul when he shines the spotlight on Canada.

Ottawa’s astronomical ratio of Ashley Madison users and our kind of hilarious senate expenses “scandal” were briefly touched upon in the past, but last night he devoted the longest segment of his show to today’s federal election.

Indeed, despite being a country “you think about so little, that’s it, end of sentence,” Oliver considered today’s vote pretty damn significant. So significant, in fact, that he’s risking a $5,000 fine and/or possible jail term of up to half a year. Or as he calls it, six months of living in Ottawa.

You see, under Canadian law, any non-resident of Canada who induces electors to vote for or refrain from voting for a particular candidate is subject to the punishment above – which is pretty much an open invite for Oliver to take this threat balls to the wall.

His beef with one particular candidate so deep that he couldn’t resist breaking the law, Oliver even invited finest son Michael Meyers – riding a snowplow while dressed as a Mountie – to help make his point.

We’ll let him reveal who that candidate is…