3 Smart Ways To Motivate Full-Time Millennial Employees

Young professionals have a reputation for hopping from job to job but we recently wrote about how the new dream job for Millennials has full-time security with freelance flexibility.

In 2017 Millennials will increasingly pursue loyal relationships with their employers and will respond best to a flexible professional lifestyle. Millennials are seeking flexible job titles, flexible vacation schedules and the flexibility to work from anywhere and, in exchange, will gladly commit to an employer.

The onus is now on employers to implement new solutions for facilitating productivity and a positive corporate culture at the same time. The benefits for employers will include trust, loyalty and commitment with a young professional workforce.

These are our 3 top solutions for employers to facilitate freelance flexibility within a full-time office environment to motivate full-time Millennial employees:


Create A Genuine Open-Door Policy
The best modern work environments for Millennials help young professionals feel valued and cared for, and that includes having an open-door policy in the literal sense. Millennials want to achieve a healthy work-life balance and that often means the flexibility to work from anywhere and still feel connected to their colleagues. The Millennial generation wants to feel independent and connected at the same time.

A solution for employers is to adopt a platform that brings together people, conversations and content. Microsoft Teams, which is part of Office 365, is a smart tool for helping employees hatch new ideas, build plans and accomplish amazing things no matter where they are most productive – whether that’s at home or in a coffee shop. Microsoft Teams is an entirely new universal tool kit for collaboration that will encourage inspiration, enthusiasm and energy amongst Millennial employees.

When employees feel valued they tend to stick around.

Create A Fast-Track To Promotion:
Millennials aren’t hard-wired to want to do the same job for 40 years, and they’re even less likely to commit to an employer if it feels impossible to advance upwards through a hierarchy. One of the best solutions for employers to implement flexibility within their workplace is to craft a fast-track to promotion that fits Millennial career goals.

Young professionals value title changes, salary increases, and new responsibilities. Employers should consider a fast-track to promotion for Millennials within their roles that have defined benchmarks for success that, when met, come with reasonable rewards: considerate title changes and a bonus or reasonable salary increase.

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Make Office Culture as Important as The Work
Young professionals respond well to a work environment that feels like home, or at least welcoming enough to enjoy over 40 hours in per week amongst colleagues. Additionally, it’s important for Millennial employees to feel educated and enriched.

A solution for employers would be to promote continual learning and engagement with opportunities for advancement. Compensation for continuing education courses is a great start, and philanthropic volunteer days and offsite lunches or activities are smart too. Employers should encourage a team atmosphere and teamwork on all fronts to create an office culture conducive to a positive — not competitive and aggressive — office vibe.