This Innovative New App Is Going To Change The Digital Publishing Game

With so many people on-the-go and moving parts in sales, strategy and content production, success at Notable Life is entirely dependent on collaboration. Microsoft Teams is the most efficient tool for producing and executing projects everyday.

Mira Lane, Principal UX Architect for Microsoft Teams, demoed the new experience, built for today’s dynamic teams.

Our content director travelled to Microsoft headquarters in Bellevue, Washington earlier this week to learn about #MicrosoftTeams, a new chat-based work space that facilitates collaboration and efficiency on a single platform, away from email — and the timing couldn’t have been better.

Notable Life is undergoing a number of exciting changes. We have re-branded, from Notable to become Notable Life, we have an almost entirely new team and a new network of contributors too. Each day at our office is full with creative brainstorms and digital strategy. The new Notable Life team navigates the path to success with creative thinking and efficient execution.

With so many moving parts in sales, strategy and content production, Notable Life success is entirely dependent on connectivity. As team members at a digital media company, our team is naturally inspired by technology and innovations that make our processes more streamlined.

#MicrosoftTeams is the most effective and efficient solution we could have asked for. When our content director files a story, she typically has to use a cloud photo service, a cloud word processor, a chat platform or two, and a project management software to plan, produce and package a story for publication. The process is functional but it’s not the most efficient to hop from platform to platform to get a job done. Microsoft Teams solves this problems entirely by bringing together the functionality of Skype, Word, Outlook, OneNote and Think into one platform.

In Microsoft Teams, you can brainstorm with your team in a chat and inject your personality into the feed with stickers and gifs. You can plot a workback schedule and assign responsibilities to team members, and tag high priority assignments with red flags and exclamation points for extra attention. You can track progress in a feed, and have sideline conversations in a separate thread.

Microsoft Teams is an incredibly efficient tool for a digital media teams like ours at Notable Life. Producing and executing projects everyday is a great way to bring a team together and, the more streamlined the process the happier (and more efficient!) everyone will be.

Microsoft Teams is available in 181 Office 365 markets and 19 languages. For more information on Microsoft Teams, visit