Londoners Horrified By Campaign That Encourages Them to Interact With Others on the Tube

Somebody really wants Londoners to strike up a conversation on the tube.

An initiative is popping up in the city’s subway network that encourages people to talk to one another – but nobody wants anything to do with it.

Badges are being distributed at London Underground stations that bear the words “Tube Chat?”


If someone approaches you with one, you’re put in the awkward position of politely declining or chatting with a complete stranger in between stations.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for backlash to surface on social media.

The social interaction-fearing Brits aren’t having it – and some of their social media posts are pretty funny.

People are legitimately scared to be approached by a conversation-craving commuter bearing the TubeChat sign. Let’s be honest: the last place I would like to make small talk with strangers is on an already miserable morning subway ride.

While I kind of like the thought behind the initiative, it would make more sense in a café or coffee shop.

In more positive London tube news, the commute just got a little easier for those in a perpetual rush with phone-free subway lanes for people who can’t stand slow walkers. Brilliant, right?

And let’s not forget about this London bus that turns into a spin studio on your way to work (because sweating with strangers is apparently a lot more appealing that talking to them).

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