LEGO is Investing Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to Rid Their Products of Oil

LEGO, the best thing ever, is about to get even better.

The Danish toy company has made a goal to rid its products of oil-based plastics by 2030 and will invest hundreds of millions of dollars into research, development, and implementation of new, sustainable, raw materials.

LEGO currently produces 60 billion petroleum-based blocks per year. Approximately three quarters of its carbon footprint comes from the extraction and refinement of oil before raw materials even reach LEGO factories.

The most significant part of LEGO’s strategy will be the construction of a $150 million Sustainable Materials Center, which will employ around 100 experts on sustainable materials to begin work next year.

No word yet from the oil industry. But kids everywhere should be pretty happy (even if we have to explain it by building more LEGO).