Italian Law Now Forces All Supermarkets to Give Unsold Food to the Needy

It’s 2016 and we as a civilization are finally starting to figure out how to responsibly manage our food.

Last year, French legislation was passed to ban supermarkets from throwing away or spoiling unsold food, while two weeks ago Loblaws in Canada began increasing its stock of imperfect produce to be sold at discounted prices.

Yesterday, Italy followed in the footsteps of France to introduce a bill that will force supermarkets to donate their waste food to charities. Italy is currently mired in a $17 billion waste problem and wants to offer businesses incentives to donate their unsold food. One of those incentives would include a reduction in ‘rubbish tax’, which would vary depending on how much businesses give to charity.

The bill includes a total of 17 articles, one of them being an amendment to food safety regulations that would allow food to be donated past its best before date, which is largely a scam anyway…

The goal is to recover a billion tonnes of excess food this year, which would be around double the amount recovered last year.