Loblaws is Introducing Even More Imperfect Produce for Shoppers on a Budget

How do you like them apples?

Well, as long as you don’t mind your fruit and vegetables a little wonky, you may like it a lot – especially when you see the prices.

Loblaws, which launched its Naturally Imperfect line back in March of last year, has been offering misshapen and flawed apples and potatoes to shoppers in Ontario and Quebec as part of a pilot scheme that later launched to selected stores in other provinces.

Now the company has announced that even more types of crooked and less-than-perfect produce will be available across Canada – and the good news is, it will all be sold at 30 per cent off.

The company will be introducing peppers, onions and mushrooms for Loblaws shoppers in Quebec and Ontario.

It’s a great idea that could help save on waste, and given the recent spike in Canadian produce prices, even the most superficial shoppers would probably sacrifice looks to save a few bucks on some bumpy carrots or spuds.

Dan Branson, the senior director of produce at Loblaws, told CBC of the trial run: “It really went well above and beyond what our expectation was. I think it really spoke to the fact that Canadians are out there really looking for some options.”

With any luck we’ll be seeing contorted cauliflowers, blemished bananas, and wonky watermelons gracing our stores in the not too distant future.

Cover photo credit: Brett Forsythe.