Home Cultivators Could Become as Common as Dishwashers as Indoor Gardening Catches On

Sure, in theory, many of us would love to grow our own food.

The reality is, given both our Canadian climate and the lack of outdoor real estate that characterizes the dwellings of most millennials, this seems like a pipe dream reserved for retirement.

But this could change if home cultivators catch on.

As The Toronto Star reports, Uri Zeevi – the founder of Seedo indoor home cultivator – thinks that the appliance (I think you can call it that) will become as commonplace as dishwashers are.

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Image: The Daily Want

Basically, they allow you to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and even marijuana without sunlight, outdoor space or a green thumb.

“Our goal of our company is to make growing plants easy and accessible to anybody,’ said Zeevi. “We also want to make it affordable.” And yes, it could save you a few dollars when it comes to your ‘thing’ for medical marijuana, especially as restrictions loosen for its home cultivation.

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The Seedo is about the size of a minifridge and available online, with a reported price tag of more than $1000 (USD). Thanks to its intense interior lights, it is able to successfully cultivate more than herbs and micro-greens, including flowing plants.

Zeevi says the product can successfully cultivate things like strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce.

He calls the self-contained product “foolproof.”

“Growing hydroponically, it’s science,” said Zeevi. “It’s very precise…This machine, so there’s no place for mistakes.” All the user has to do is add water through a tube system. That way, there is no need to open the door and disturb the plants in all of their fast-growing glory. Fans circulate fresh air into the unit to help this cause.

It’s that easy.


Seedo was initially slated to hit the market this month, but the company had to push the release date to the summer after an extra in a demonstration video for the product leaked it to the public. It quickly went viral, and the demand for the product soared.

Zeevi has been visiting with potential manufacturers.

As The Star reports, indoor gardening is on the rise among millennials. The Seedo isn’t the only product of its type on the market either. The Martha Stewart-approved Urban Cultivator – hailed the “fully automated kitchen garden” – grows eight varieties of herbs and micro-greens simultaneously. The product retails for $2800 (USD).

Last year, Ikea even introduced its own indoor hydroponic garden.

So, if you’re looking for a new hobby…

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