Montreal Couple Airbnb’s Apartment on NYE Wedding Night, Gets a Drug-Fuelled Sex Party

The story of a Montreal couple, Justine Smith and her husband Francisco Peres, who rented out their apartment on Airbnb on their wedding night and refused to do anything about the cocaine-fulled orgy that was taking place just metres from their bedroom is one of three key mistakes:

1. Making one’s home available to strangers on NYE in Canada’s party capital.
2. Doing so on your WEDDING NIGHT.
3. Being chill as an accessory, but not party of, the minor criminal activity and voluptuous sin.

That’s pretty much the crux of the tale, though a few noteworthy details make it truly compelling.

Justine Smith/Facebook

The couple heard their guests cutting cocaine on the living room table, which “just didn’t seem worth the hassle” of prohibiting, and loud sex in the room next door, which “just wasn’t worth asking them to please not have sex on [their] couch.”

On top of requiring a new understanding of the word “worth,” the newlyweds also needed to replace a rug that was overwhelmed by bodily fluids to the point of their “relationship with the carpet never [being] the same.”

Luckily, that was the only item damaged during the ordeal, which is perhaps why Justine and Francisco were so relaxed about everything. Or maybe it’s because Justine’s a writer for VICE, rendering the five-person orgy a comparatively mild occurrence. Given that people having sex on drugs in rented space warrants their own demographic on New Year’s Eve, it’s also very possible that the couple was merely managing expectation.

The best explanation, however, is that renters left a heartfelt farewell message upon their departure:

While Justine and Francisco’s home was left relatively unscathed by a situation that could have yielded a hell of a lot worse, the same cannot be said about Airbnb rentals on NYE in general.

Last year, 540 Airbnb users reported significant property damage – in excess of $1,000 – after hosting guests. Though numbers for this New Year’s Eve have yet to be released, a few notorious parties that have already been reported suggest opening up your space on the 31st of December is decidedly unwise. A 200-person party hosted by an 18-year-old in Oakland left an expected trail of destruction in its wake, while a $1 million flat in London was victim to a similar fate.

Just something to consider for next year.