#CoffeeInACone is the Next Viral Food Trend Coming to a Café Near You

Now that the undeniable autumn chill is in the air and we’re breaking out our jackets and scarves, it’s no surprise that a certain hot drink is taking social media by storm.

It’s being called “the most Instagrammed coffee in the world” – a cappuccino served in a chocolate-lined waffle cone.

The creation hails from Johannesburg, South Africa’s The Grind Coffee Company. In the last six weeks the #coffeeinacone hashtag has racked up over 1,500 Instagram posts.

And if you think the concept is almost too suited for social media, you’re not wrong. Dayne Levinrad is the brains behind the viral drink, and as a barista who spent years working as a coffee consultant and digital marketing executive, he knew the key to success was to design something ‘grammable.

If there are four things social media loves most, coffee, ice cream, chocolate and crazy food combinations would be at the top of the list.

Of course, it wasn’t as simple as pouring hot java into a normal cone. Levinrad worked for months to create a waffle cone that would be able to hold hot coffee without instantly turning into a hot, sticky mess.

“We bought our own machine and started rolling our own wafer cones, using different flours, but the chocolate still melted. We couldn’t have any leakage,” Levinrad told CNN.


Now they have a patented product that will give you about 10 minutes of sip time before everything starts to melt.

The perfect amount of time to grab a pic for the ‘gram, and drink the thing too, hopefully.

But if you can’t afford the trip to Johannesburg to sample one for yourself, don’t worry. According to Instagram, there are versions of the popular beverage turning up in New Zealand, Los Angeles, Taiwan, and Berlin.

If it’s anything like this summer’s sushi burrito, there will probably be a coffee-in-a-cone at your local hipster coffee shop very soon.

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