Canada Will Open the World’s Longest Bike Path Next Year at 24,000 Kilometres

How do you connect a population across almost 10,000 kilometres?

Do you publicly broadcast Canada’s greatest-ever band’s final show? Do you win Olympic gold against the Americans and invite the entire nation to pull up a chair at the proverbial bar?

That’s certainly one way to get all of Canada together.

But what about on a physical level? That’s The Great Trail is for, a.k.a. the longest multi-use recreational trail in the world. Stretching over 24,000 kilometres from coast to coast with a significant loop through the north, it connects all of Canada’s major cities and is fit for any type of experience – whether it be for leisure, sport, or commute.

The trail was first conceived in 1992 and is expected to be fully connected by next year to mark Canada’s 150th birthday. It currently covers 20,770 kilometres and touches all 13 provinces and territories. While you can essentially bike the whole thing, you can also hike, horseback ride, cross-country ski or swim parts of it. Hell, take a Segway if you want!


“To follow the horizon along The Great Trail is to discover the beauty of Canada. Its vanishing point leads us across our country, through the wild, the rural and the urban, by waterways, roadways and footpaths,” reads The Great Trail’s story. “Whether you are looking for a place to take a leisurely stroll, kayak along the coast or commute to work, people from all walks of life can find an experience that resonates with them.”

As if having nine of the world’s best hiking trails wasn’t enough – we’re truly #blessed.

Cover photo: Gabriel Santiago

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