Calgary is the World’s 3rd-Best City to Get a Job

The Year of Calgary continues.

In August, the city was named the world’s fourth-most liveable. Less than two weeks ago, its residents set a fine example by rejecting the 2026 Winter Olympics. The Stampeders are leading the CFL, and the Flames are hella good too. More snow has fallen in Calgary at this point of the year than in any of the last 76 years. Ok, so you can’t win ’em all.

The good news is all that trash weather is worth it, because Calgary is one of the best cities in the world for work opportunities.

According to Movinga, a moving and storage company, Canada’s third-largest city is the third-best in the world to find a job. The study weighs 15 factors across five categories, including Economic Strength, Immigration, Opportunity for Women, Standard of Living, and Opportunity for Youth.

Calgary scored especially high in Healthcare Expenditure, Expat Employment Rate, and opportunities for women, including a low gender wage gap and high scores for women’s liberty and opportunity for advancement.

Boston was ranked the best city in the world to find a job, followed by Munich. Two other German cities, Hamburg and Stuttgart, round out the top five. Other Canadian cities to feature in the top 100 include Vancouver (25th), Ottawa-Gatineau (43rd), Toronto (48th), Quebec City (55th), and Montreal (57th).

“Digitalization means that companies can now attract skilled employees from all four corners of the globe, so for talented jobseekers, there are now more career opportunities than ever before,” says Finn Age Hänsel, Managing Director at Movinga.

“However, cities which offer high salaries may be misleading, as incomes in these nations are often negated by additional healthcare costs and high tax rates. Consider too that although some cities offer great opportunities for men, the wage gap and opportunity for female career advancement can be vastly different than other countries. With these considerations in mind, we hope that this study offers a holistic view of these locations and helps jobseekers to make an informed decision about their next career move.”