5 Toronto Halloween Events That You Should Definitely Have On Your Radar

When the three-pound bags of candy hit Walmart shelves, pumpkin spice infiltrates everyone’s lattes and tacky purple lights are hanging on your neighbor’s porch, it can only mean one thing: Halloween is almost here.

But instead of getting wasted at your friend-of-a-friend’s house party this year, you should check out these unique Halloween events happening across the city. Don’t worry, your Halloween plans can still include a superman outfit and a bottle of pinot noir.


Image: Legends of Horror, via Facebook

Legends of Horror

The folks over at Captain Morgan have teamed up with Casa Loma this year to hold an “immersive theatrical” experience throughout October. Visitors are led through a one-hour tour of the grounds with figures lurking all around. The tour is divided into three different acts and hosted by a real-life Dracula. Visitors will find themselves not only immersed in this play of horror, but face-to-face with some of the most terrifying figures of all time.


Image: Screemers, via Facebook


This event comes with a warning: “Screemers is not recommended for those with heart conditions or sniveling cowards.” Occurring throughout October, including October 31, Screemers is held in the historic Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition Place. There are carnival rides and multiple haunted exhibitions including “House of Cards,” “Slasher Wax Museum,” and “Skull Castle.” There’s a reason the organizers chose #livethefear as their official slogan for 2016 – real life actors make this exhibition positively terrifying.



The Royal Ontario Museum is known to throw good parties on Friday nights, and Goosebumps will be no different. Held on October 28, this event will feature the band Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies, as well as unique exhibitions, and of course some great drinks. Tickets sell out fast and no one wants to wait outside in Toronto winter, so make sure to buy them early.


Image: Toronto After Dark Film Festival, via Facebook

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is a perfect way to get your terror fill before it becomes weird again to watch horror, sci-fi, and cult films night-after-night. Held between October 13-21, this festival will feature 20 screenings of uniquely scary films such as Under the Shadow, In a Valley of Violence, and The Lure, as well as dozens of other short films and features.

Image: Zombie Prom, via Facebook

Image: Zombie Prom, via Facebook

Zombie Prom

Zombies should have proms too – at least according to the creators of Toronto’s Zombie Prom. If you love dressing up, getting free “zombie” makeup, and dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with a plastic axe, then join Zombie Prom on October 28 at The Great Hall. Also, if you truly believe zombies exist and will one day come busting down your door, Zombie Survival Camp (the creators of Zombie Prom) is probably for you. They’ve trained over 350 survivors so far, and you could be next.

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