13 Amazing Yachts for Sale in Canada for Under $1M

It’s no secret that most of us have a thing for living near water.

From half-underwater-homes in Dubai to $450,000 floating abodes in Toronto, people don’t seem to be losing their affinity for the agua. But amidst all the flairs and frustrations of today’s real-estate market, let us not forget the old-fashioned approach to quenching our thirst for the sea…

Buying a f***in’ yacht.


Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Why would I buy a yacht when I can barely afford my Costco membership?”

Because that’s the whole point of buying a yacht, dummy: to be wildly irresponsible with your money so you can look like a badass when it’s sunny outside, and say things at parties like, “Hey, that’s a great outfit; I wonder if you got it at the same place I GOT MY YACHT, B**CH.”

That being said, you don’t have to totally break the bank to buy a big sexy boat.

Here is a list of yachts for sale right now in Canada that you can snatch up for less than $1M; a bunch of which are cheaper than the national average price for a residential property…

2004 President Legend 630
Price: $925,000
Length: 63 feet
Location: Vancouver, BC

Because if you’re yacht doesn’t have five beds, granite countertops and a fireplace, what’s the point.

2006 Neptunus
Price: $924,000
Length: 56 feet
Location: Toronto, ON

Probably the prettiest of the modern bunch, this yacht is complete with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, cherry wood everything, and a “Deep Vee” hull…we don’t know what that means, but it sounds painfully sexy.

1997 Hatteras Sport Deck MY
Price: $897,000
Length: 74 feet
Location: Vancouver, BC

The interior of this boat is a straight-up condo. A really nice floating condo.

1999 Westbay Sonship
Price: $776,000
Length: 64 feet
Location: BC

If Hugh Hefner got Martha Stewart pregnant and their child ended up being a boat, this is probably what it would look like.

1989 Cheoy Lee Flushdeck
Price: $677,000
Length: 83 feet
Location: Vancouver, BC

The finish on this thing is unreal and the “Salon”, with u-shaped bar, was definitely designed to host a full out dance party.

2003 Seavana Yachts Flybridge
Price: $677,000
Length: 60 feet
Location: Sidney, BC

“Gorgeous” doesn’t even begin to describe the interior of this thing. Oh, and it has 32” retractable flatscreen, surround sound, and four bathrooms.

2003 Carver 570 Voyager Pilothouse
Price: $640,000
Length: 57 feet
Location: Richmond, BC

Sometimes, the word, “Yacht” is spelled, P – I – M – P.

1969 William Garden Long Range Cruiser
Price: $525,000
Length: 72 feet
Location: New Westminster, BC

It might be old, but thanks to the upgraded interior décor, this yacht has got serious style. And judging by the photos, we’re pretty sure that with purchase of this boat, you get another free boat…seriously.

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—$500k MARK—

2006 Ocean Alexander 45 Sedan Bridge
Price: $459,000
Length: 46 feet 7 inches
Location: Midland, ON

With only 390 hours on the water and all the fixins, for under $500K, this baby looks like a steal.  Seems to formally sleep 4, but you could throw at least one more on the bench seat in the salon.

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1980 Monk McQueen 76 Flushdeck
Price: $400,000
Length: 76 feet
Location: Vancouver, BC

A “gentleman’s classic yacht” indeed; we want to have a scotch and a cigar just looking at it. Beautiful bar, beautiful kitchen with a full set of appliances, and sleeping space for seven. We’ve been saying it for years; Millennials are where it’s at.

2006 Ocean Venture 60
Price: $369,000
Length: 60 feet
Location: ON

“Hey, wanna grill some steaks on the deck, go for a swim, jump in the hot tub, and then watch a movie on my 52” flatscreen? Cool, let me just grab my YACHT.”

1988 Bluewater 47 Coastal Cruiser
Price: $129,900
Length: 47 feet
Location: Ottawa, ON

How this thing is under $150K, we don’t know. Maybe there’s a body under the stern, or maybe it’s cursed by the dark soul of Blackbeard himself. What we do know is that as long it floats, we don’t give a s**t. The two outer decks and the kitchen / salon on this baby pretty much seal the deal for that pricetag.

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All photos courtesy of Yachtworld.com and Boatdealers.com

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