12 Signs You Should Quit Your Job As Soon As Possible

Everyday, we feature the best and brightest young professionals and entrepreneurs in Canada.

And, at some point, you can be sure most of them had to leave a job to follow their own passion and make ‘it’ all happen. So if you find that the day-to-day isn’t making your week-to-week worthwhile, we suggest you make like a banana… and quit your horrible job.

But don’t worry, if you’re on the fence and not sure which side you should be jumping to, we’re here to help. Though we do definitely recommend you have something lined up before sending the entire office a Jerry McGuire-style memo…


You’re Doing the Wrong Thing 
It’s not your fault. Sometimes we get told a job is one thing only to find out once we take it that the role demands something else entirely. If it’s quite literally not what you signed up for and not what you want, go after what you do.

You’re Bored
It’s a big, huge, wild, employable world out there – you should never be bored at your job for any extended period. Sure, a day here, an afternoon nap there, but overall you should be excited by what you deal with on a daily basis.

You Wonder About Your Next Paycheque Arriving 
Living paycheque to paycheque is one thing, wondering whether it will ever arrive is quite another. If this isn’t a startup and you didn’t sign on with incentives, or agree to live and die with the company, you shouldn’t have to worry about making rent every month.

You’re Angry
Whether it’s your co-workers, your boss, or your stress level, living on anger’s razor’s edge is a dangerous position to be in. Trust us, you don’t want to be there when you snap.

The Commute is Killing You
And that might actually be a literal statement for some. Spending hours on the road only serves to lengthen your day, frustrate you (road rage is very real), and increase your likelihood of getting into an accident. If you feel like it’s wearing you down, it’s because it is.

You’re Losing Friends 
Sure, put your head down, work hard, do good things. But don’t go months between seeing your besties. Remember, it’s work hard, play hard. The second half of that equation is just as important for your peace of mind. Speaking of which…

Your Overall Health is Diminishing Because of Your Work 
It’s just not worth it. You work to live, not live to work. Always keep that in mind.

You Feel Undervalued 
If your Master’s degree is only allowed to act as the best paperweight you’ve ever had, it’s time to move on. Find a job where your skills and talent will be recognized and utilized.

You Dislike Your Co-Workers
Don’t ever underestimate how much finding friends at work will improve your time there. And don’t ever forget how much hating people at work will bring you down every single day.

You Don’t Have Room to Grow 
Being hired at your ceiling is great if your new role is CEO. But if you’re growth is being capped the minute you walk through door, you should probably turn around and walk out.

The Company is Going Under
If it’s your company or you’re invested in it, by all means, go down with the ship. But if you see signs that the company is folding (and they’re not telling you), you should get while the getting’s good.

Just Dragging Yourself to the Office is Work in Itself 
If convincing yourself simply to show up everyday seems like a struggle, you probably want to reconsider your career. Life is short – unless you choose to make it unbearably long.