9 Signs You’ve Found Your Work BFF

They say you should always be there for your family.

And that’s true.

But you know what else is true? A 40-hour workweek.

Which is why most of us tend to find our true soulmates at the office. After all, it’s not hard to find a connection when you sit across from them every day.

Day in and day out, your Work BFF is by your side. Not simply because they’re literally being paid to be there, but because you’ve reached a level of kinship usually reserved for Jedis, Survivor contestants, and the Kardashians.

Here are 9 signs you’ve found your Work. Best. Friend. Forever.

1. Theyve seen 700 pictures of your family but never actually met them.


2. Theyre the ones who helped you set up your dating profile – possibly because they were tired of listening to you complain about having to stay in alone every night.


3. A coffee run is not something one does alone. This is your together time. And you deserve it.


4. They would be your partner on The Amazing Race (obviously). In fact, youve already listed each others strengths and weakness on a spreadsheet. And youve already filled out the application. Twice.

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5. You share an office calendar (clearly), and coffee breaks, weekend recaps, and where to eat lunch are all events marked important.


6. Passwords? Pulleeeaasssee. You have no secrets.


7. You think twice anytime you have to call in sick because you really want to see them. (And seeing them will make you feel better…)


8. Youre never competitive with each other at the workplace. Youre in this together and youll both get yours.

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9. You have nicknames for each other. They may or may not be based on superheroes. Okay, fine, they ARE based on superheroes.