Zoe Dascher: Young Professional Style Profile

You can find her roughing it in a remote Nicaraguan surf village or living it up on the town. Always adventurous, Zoe Dascher really distinguishes herself by mixing trendy high-street pieces with random artifacts from her travels. As a young professional, she maintains an urban street chic look with razor sharp blazers and keeps her crescent-moon sunglasses for poolside lounging on the weekends.

I like to refer to her as a chameleon. Depending on the day and time, she can easily transition from a floor-length sequined gown to ripped-up jean shorts and motorcycle boots. Let’s find out what’s in this girl’s closet…

Job: Brand Manager and Operations Manager at Canadian Gem.

Currently wearing: Zara Jacket, Trussardi fur from Paris, Enza Costa t-shirt (the softest!), Zara boots, American Apparel hat, Alexander Wang bag, Calvin Klein sunnies, Sandro blazer (best fit), Moleskin agenda (my life). Rings from London Camden market, India, my great, great grandmother, Nicaragua, Erin Wasson’s Low Luv line. Bracelets: India, Indonesia, Links of London, and gifts.

Favourite labels: I am not a fan of anything that is obviously branded. At the moment I am loving the artistic direction at Celine, Proenza Schouler, Balmain, Marchesa (I would wear gowns everyday; unfortunately it’s not very practical) and Lanvin. Accessories and bags: I’m a big fan of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Charlotte Olympia and Chloe. For everyday: Sandro, Iro, Philippe Lim, Generation Love, All Saints, Enza Costa and, finally, Zara is my ultimate go-to for anything I need. I appreciate the designers and creative talent behind brands, but I also love discovering and encouraging any local and emerging designers. Quick shout out to Travis Taddeo and Baartmans and Siegel (British menswear designers who also happen to make amazing fur pieces).

Fashion and beauty pet peeves: People wearing sandals and bare legs in winter. FYI: There is snow outside and it is -30 C. Anything else goes. I think everyone should be able to express themselves as they wish – who am I to judge?

What’s in her closet? Fur, fur, fur…I can’t get enough of it. People will hate me for it, but I just can’t help it! My closet is extremely eclectic; from girly to boyish and simple to intricate, I have pieces from all over the world. Travel greatly influences my style. In fact, just got back from India with a bag full of goodies: amazing printed caftans to ornate silver and turquoise jewelry. The colours and landscapes in India are my latest inspiration, but I also like very basic and simple looks. I live in extremes, either fully accessorized or super clean and simple.

Cities that influence her style: Small coastal towns of Goa, Hampi, Berlin, San Francisco, Montreal, Paris, and small surf towns such as San Clemente or Santa Cruz.

What is her style advice for young professionals? Stay yourself! I don’t believe in fully adhering to corporate style etiquette, I think it’s important to always keep some flare…that’s how you stand out! I personally gravitate to sober colours and always add some fun accessories (rings, chunky necklaces, fun shoes). A good blazer is an absolute must-have and I could never live without my Moleskin agenda!