zipments Launching Start Up Delivery Service in YVR

As busy young professionals, we more than understand the value of time (perhaps more importantly, time saved). What zipments delivers is a service that pretty much removes the quagmire of protocol where normal courier services are concerned, allowing anyone to get what they need delivered whenever and wherever. Be it a forgotten power cord at home or prescription delivery, or nabbing that perfect Craigslist find, zipments is a time-saver for small businesses, car-free people and hard-pressed young professionals alike.

Taking advantage of the sharing economy in the same way as AirBnB and Craigslist, zipments is made up of a team of lifestyle couriers (a combination of independent courier companies, part-time couriers and qualified individuals who have the time to make some extra money) who are vetted, recruited and fully trained for delivery service. 

So what truly caught our attention about zipments? Aside from the fact that it’s a simple yet ingenious idea we wish we’d thought of ourselves, it’s adding value to our already hectic days. Filling a hole in the market where traditional courier and delivery services operate five days a week and only during business hours, zipments for you offers delivery every day of the week from 9am through 9pm. In addition, by putting the recipient in direct contact with the courier, deliveries can be made anywhere and changed or updated at anytime. Whether it’s a delivery to a coffee shop, park or airport, anything is pretty much possible. 

We went the extra step and quizzed the Founder and CEO, Robert Safrata, what he thought made zipments so noteworthy for today’s busy young professionals and here’s what he had to say: “Unlike other existing courier services, connects the customer directly to the delivery person for a higher delivery success rate. It offers a simple process to open personal accounts, the ability to sign up and order on the same day without requiring a credit application, and has eliminated premium rates for deliveries after 5pm and on weekends without a minimum monthly billing fee.”

With our calendars filling up and days getting longer and busier, we can definitely see how zipments will be added to our mix of go-to tools for getting the job done. 

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Cover image from: Saul Good Gift Co. available on zipments

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