YVR Spring/Summer Food Cart Round up

Vancouver can’t seem to get enough of the food cart phenomenon – and we’re certainly not complaining. 

With 12 additional food carts having just set up shop, or about ready to on their allocated corners around town, appetites will be tempted (as will the waistline, just in time for summer).

Variety is indeed the spice of lunchtime life it seems when it comes to street food in Vancouver.

Earlier in April, City Hall made it official by announcing that a dozen new vendors could literally hit the streets by May, bumping up the food cart total for the CBD to just over 100. Notably different this time around will be the additional appearance of food carts in city parks (Vanier Park, Queen Elizabeth Park and Stanley Park).

Here are a few Notable stops we think you ought to trial-out for yourself:

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck is owned and operated by `Mompreneur` Cindy Hamilton, who is a true grilled cheese visionary. With menu offerings including both gluten-free and vegan-friendly options, we`re excited to bite into The Jackson 3 (a triple threat of cheesy goodness) and The Fat Elvis (PB and Banana never tasted so good).

Ze Bite is set to offer Vancouver YPs craving a taste of classy gourmet the perfect baguette to bite into. With plenty of healthy ingredients on-hand, the charming team behind Ze Bite plans to offer an inventive menu of gourmet sandwiches (with a Parisienne-twist) guaranteed to tantalize those taste buds. Look for their truck to roll into its 898 West Cordova Street location soon. This is Fast French cuisine we`re definitely excited to try.

Slingers Mobile Food is another noteworthy stop on our list, especially when cravings hit for wholesome, home-style Italian favourites. We`re especially interested in sampling their signature Slinger`s Vegetarian Parmesan sandwich… just what the doctor ordered.

For a fully loaded list of all Vancouver Food Trucks, click here and let the cravings begin!